Rosie the Riveter

Magnolia Tarte

Magnolia Tarte

I worked with Magnolia Tarte on my first Rosie the Riveter shoot yesterday. It is a challenge to pose a live model based on a drawing because there are so many details that demand attention.

We shot for an hour to get half a dozen images that passed muster. We both learned a lot that I will apply to the rest of the shoots.

Approximately a dozen ladies have expressed interest in posing as Rosie, and I think that is very cool.

Posing in costume, or in character, or both, is fun for the model, the photographer, and the people who get to enjoy the finished photo. I encourage you to think about roles that you would find amusing.

This is an exercise in imagination, a gift we are often discouraged from using. The teachings say that once we begin to work with imagination it reveals wonderful things to us that we didn’t know existed or would never have thought ourselves capable of achieving. It becomes a friend and ally. Where might such a relationship take us?


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I emphasize natural light portraits taken on location.
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