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I emphasize natural light portraits taken on location.

In praise of blur

We typically strive for a sharp image when taking a photograph. I want to speak in favor of blurred images. I offer the following praise of blur. The crime scene conveys to me a sense of terror and shock, in … Continue reading

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Things your camera does for you

Your camera makes a lot of important calculations for you, and knowing what is going on enables to you take up where your camera leaves off. One of the most important things your camera does is to make its best … Continue reading

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Interesting places

I joined a Meetup group by the name of Arizona Photo Events. I especially enjoy that they hold photo shoots in places I either would not think of or would not have access to by myself. I’ve been to a … Continue reading

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Rosie the Riveter

I worked with Magnolia Tarte on my first Rosie the Riveter shoot yesterday. It is a challenge to pose a live model based on a drawing because there are so many details that demand attention. We shot for an hour to … Continue reading

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How to manage your photos

The full title of this post includes the phrase “for the benefit of children and future generations.” My parents—that’s Dad in the photo—had a simple management system that involved taking exposed film to the drugstore, picking up the prints a … Continue reading

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Do traditional prints matter any more?

I present still photographs in three forms: online, in books, and in videos. Click the link to view a 60 second video that consists of still photos. My collection includes thousands of prints, but nobody wants to see them, not even … Continue reading

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Photography as therapy

Done with imagination and energy photography is therapeutic on both sides of the camera. It reveals, and it heals. My Facebook newsfeed is packed with statements of anxiety, worry, fear, and lack of hope. The patients are not well, and … Continue reading

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