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Photography as therapy

Done with imagination and energy photography is therapeutic on both sides of the camera. It reveals, and it heals. My Facebook newsfeed is packed with statements of anxiety, worry, fear, and lack of hope. The patients are not well, and … Continue reading

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Be bold

Stephen King and Milton Glaser, to name just two artists, have made it clear that art is the work of the soul. In the yoga tradition they teach that the fifth chakra becomes real to us when we explore its … Continue reading

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To pause and reflect

I delivered a photo book to my friend Tina Clark yesterday. The book contains pictures from several sessions with her. There are important differences between viewing photos on paper compared to seeing them on a computer screen. For example, the … Continue reading

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Human, not technical magnificence

My intention is to produce great portraits. Sometimes a great portrait is also technically perfect, but it does not have to be. Given a choice, I seek human masterpieces first. The human masterpiece is always more important than the technical … Continue reading

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Photographs that please the soul

I have given a lot of thought to my enjoyment of snapshots because I want to find a way to awaken the same enjoyment in other people. A passage from Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul seems relevant. He wrote, … Continue reading

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The power of three images

The triptych is an ancient format for displaying paintings, and more recently in history, photographs. Three images can show many things, and they can simply provoke the viewer to ponder and reflect. triptych: a set of three associated artistic, literary, … Continue reading

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Inspiration for a Sunday morning

Because making art is difficult we have largely brushed it aside in favor of substitutes that are quick and easy. Business relies heavily on intrusiveness as a means to demand attention. Consider┬áthe current Jack-in-the-Box advertisement for the company’s new sandwich. … Continue reading

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