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In praise of blur

We typically strive for a sharp image when taking a photograph. I want to speak in favor of blurred images. I offer the following praise of blur. The crime scene conveys to me a sense of terror and shock, in … Continue reading

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When less is more

If you have a powerful message it becomes even more powerful if you convey it concisely. This is true in photography as it is in other forms of communication. Leaving out non-essentials does require some imagination and patience. It’s easier … Continue reading

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The power of stories, yours and mine

For many years I have advised business managers to devote time to collecting and telling stories. Pretty much everyone views the idea with suspicion. It would take time away from whatever it is that is considered productive and useful. In … Continue reading

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A helpful design book for the “visual novice”

There is a remarkable amount of helpful information in this 200 page book. Robin Williams describes the four elements of effective design: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. She goes on to explain each so that you can start using what … Continue reading

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iPhone video sound recording

I’m a big advocate of making videos for several reasons. Start with how much fun it is. Add to that the simple fact that it is quickly becoming the medium of choice for getting messages across. You don’t want to … Continue reading

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A lesson with some good humor in it

I posted yesterday about the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who illustrated in a most amusing way¬†how not to model a sweater for a photo shoot. I thought it might be helpful to examine the reasons her photos provoke laughter because … Continue reading

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How not to pose

Michelle sent me a link to a knitting blog¬†called Yarn Harlot where you will find an entertaining article on how not to model a sweater. It’s an amusing article, and especially so if you work on either side of a … Continue reading

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