Curating your family photos

Everyone I talk to who is not a professional photographer has a problem keeping track of their photographs. They have boxes of photos stored randomly from the days of shooting film, and they have some unknown number of photographs on their cellphone or point-and-shoot camera. Worse yet, they have no plan for improving their situation.

Generally speaking, people are discouraged at the very thought of getting all of this organized for present and future reference, and I have been thinking for a while of a way to be helpful. I now provide a solution that can change your whole relationship with your photo collection.

You can hire me to be your gallery manager, or curator, and pay a monthly fee for the following services.

What you get: retouching, scanning, discounts on photography, advice, feedback, and your photos displayed where people can see them

  • I will send you monthly reminders to transfer the images that are sitting on your camera (phone or a dedicated camera) to an online photo site where I can access them. You don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here to help.
  • If you like, I will give a “gentle retouching” to 20 images a month. Don’t expect miracles, but you can expect brightening, cropping, straightening, and any other changes that I think will take the photo to the next level. If you would like suggestions for improving your photographs I will provide them based on the changes I make to your images.
  • I will scan 10 of your paper photographs each month. The math is simple: at the end of the year you will have 120 images available electronically that were previously sitting in a box. You mail them to me, I’ll mail them back to you after I scan them.
  • You can share your photos online, use them to make coffee table books, and present them in eye-popping slide shows. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • My clients are also entitled to 50 percent discounts on portrait sessions with me as photographer.
  • If you decide at any point that you want to assemble a book for a family heirloom, I will advise you on how to proceed. I can provide as much hands-on assistance as you need, and the cost will be determined by the amount of my participation.
  • I’m available by phone and email to provide advice and suggestions on how to best display your photographs. The range of choices is amazing, and I will assist you in making selections that will delight you. I can also suggest apps for your iPhone that will suit your style and level of photography.

Declare victory, and let your photographs shine

My services as curator of your family photo archives will get your photographs out of the shoebox jail that has kept them out of sight and out of mind.

You can subscribe month-to-month. The monthly fee is $100, or $1,000 for 12 months. Please contact me for answers to your questions or with any suggestions you might have.