The narrative approach to iconic portraits

One magnificent print, or an extensive series for a coffee table book? Or both?

I specialize in narrative photography, which is to say, creating photographs that tell a story individually or as a photo essay.

The purpose of our work together is to create photographs worthy of display as large prints on the wall or in custom photo books, or both.

The intention is to create iconic images appropriate for long-term, or even permanent, display.

The larger intent in this approach is to nourish the soul by anchoring the specifics of your life in a visual record. This is about connecting the generations in a family. Think of the grand portraits of princes and potentates of classical times standing with their swords and their dog, or the movie posters of the more recent past. They speak to us, even when we don’t know the people they portray. That is the power of the grand image.

The artistic intent is to identify the subject’s sense of power, passion, and authority, and to render it all in a photograph. A wide range of finishes and presentations are available that enhance the classic qualities of the photographic image. These include canvas-like printing surfaces that yield the look and feel of an oil painting, and printing on metallic surfaces that deliver a visual power and excitement that greatly exceeds any prints made on paper. The desired outcome of our photo session is a single magnificent image to grace a large room or a sacred private space.

Why hurry?

Let’s spend half a day or more together at an activity that expresses your joy at being with the people who matter most to you. It might be a family picnic in Sabino Canyon, your clan hunkering down with hose and sponge at a charity car wash, or a just a day at home. The intent is to create a myriad of photographs of life as it happens using casual poses and the best of photographic technology and imagination. These are not just snapshots, but photographs taken by a photographer with long experience in the photojournalist style to record life happening in real time. You can expect a lot of images from this session.

Setting aside the obvious

Would an unusual context reveal more about you than most people see? Which locations have particular significance for you? A place that resonates with your spirit elicits remarkable images.

Another approach to portraiture is the nude. You have a choice of full nude or implied nude. Implied means the model is nude but is posed in a way that carefully conceals that which is normally covered. The end result is approximately as revealing as a typical bikini. The nudes can be bodyscapes in which individual curves and contours are isolated visually for dramatic artistic effects.  The objective is to produce images that charm and captivate, and which preserve a moment in time when the human body is at its most beautiful, and brimming with radiant life force.


Whichever approach to portraiture you select we will call upon the services of a professional make up artist or hair stylist as needed to show you at your best.

This photograph is from a maternity series that spanned the entire experience.