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Photography as therapy

Done with imagination and energy photography is therapeutic on both sides of the camera. It reveals, and it heals. My Facebook newsfeed is packed with statements of anxiety, worry, fear, and lack of hope. The patients are not well, and … Continue reading

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I’m the only advertiser here

WordPress, the company that makes this blog possible, sent me a message today about accepting paid advertising. Click! is not really the sort of blog they are seeking. They want blogs that attract thousands of people every day. However, you are likely … Continue reading

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Was Pee Wee Herman right?

As nearly as I can tell the first use of the line, “Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer.” was by Pee Wee Herman in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, released in 1985. He and comedian Phil Hartman … Continue reading

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iPhone panoramas made easy

I installed AutoStitch, by Cloudburst Research, on my iPhone, and it is very cool. It makes panorama shots easy as pie. I also took one inside my house and got a little bit of barrel distortion. One wall looks like … Continue reading

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Video gets more important every day

Video is rapidly becoming the medium of our day. It’s everywhere, and it is an essential device for anyone who wants to get a point across. This post highlights a few examples including my own low-tech first efforts. Let’s start … Continue reading

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10 tips for Christmas photographs

Christmas is coming, and New Year’s. These occasions provide an abundance of photo opportunities. The holidays also remind us that another year has passed. Did you get all the photos you need? Kids won’t be kids forever. It seems like … Continue reading

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Flash: Our complicated friend

Adding flash to picture taking brings an order of magnitude increase in complexity. I’m inclined to say it doubles it, at a minimum, and the multiple goes up as you resort to wireless flash and other exotic features. The pinnacle … Continue reading

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